29 | Women’s Health + Hormones with Dr. Heather Rhodes

Today on the show Sara is chatting with Dr. Heather Rhodes. Heather specializes in women's hormones. As busy entrepreneurs who have businesses, families, and friends, and all of the commitments, taking care of ourselves is one of those things that can be pushed to the back burner. And when it does, it can have super catastrophic effects on our well-being. 

This is why Sara is so excited to have Heather on to chat all about hormones and how to improve those and just really take care of ourselves.


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Instagram: @drheatherrhodes

Website: www.drheatherrhodes.com

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Show Takeaways: 

  • Get a glimpse into how Heather grew her business. 
  • Listen in to hear a few easy things you can do today to help balance your hormones.
  • Understand why Heather believes it is imperative to trust yourself when it comes to decision-making.

Notable Quote:

“A lot of times we're in a society where when people think or hear the word ‘healthy’, they think weight. And that is so wrong and not accurate. But I think it's important to address it because that's where people are right now, because that's how our society has conditioned us.” 

-Dr. Heather Rhodes