27 | What is S Corp Election?

What is an S Corp Election? How does it save in taxes? When is the best time to go forward with it? Sara answers these questions and more in this episode of Profits Affogato. Listen in as Sara dives into the nitty gritty of your election, how to approach your CPA about it and how it can impact your business. 

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Show Takeaways: 

  • Learn what S Corp Election is and if it’s right for you.
  • Discover how it can save you on taxes!
  • Listen in to when the best time to go through with an S Corp Election


Notable Quote: 

 “You can see that it's a delicate balancing act to find the perfect time to make the election. If you make it too early, you might not be saving all that much in taxes, when you take into account the additional costs of payroll and a separate tax return.” [4:43]