26 | A Human Design Case Study with Laura Torma

If you have ever been curious about human design, then this episode is for you. Laura Torma is on the show to do a case study for Sara and she helps explain the world of human design, what it is based on  and its connection to our place in the world. Listen in to discover Sara’s reading and what that could mean for her going forward as well as how Laura uses it in her life as a mother.

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Laura is a consultant who works with small business owners and families. As a reader of the Human Design System, Laura guides her clients to their unique decision making process and provides a blueprint for navigating their innate strengths and limitations. Whether looking through the lenses of solo entrepreneurship, business team building, or as a parent raising the next generation - Laura is a grounded sounding board to guide you in navigate these dynamics.

Show Takeaways: 

  • Discover the world of human design and how some people use it in their business.
  • Learn about how Laura uses human design as a mother.
  • Listen to Laura’s observations about Sara and her season of transition to starting this podcast.

Notable Quote: 

  • “There's so many things that can distract us as parents these days, and the world wants us distracted in some ways, and I'm just always constantly trying to remind myself: Be present, be present, pay attention, be present.”