25 | $10K in 10 Days Challenge

“Anything is possible!” was the mindset our host adopted for the exciting challenge she took part in. Listen in as Sara shares about her experience with the $10K in 10 Days Challenge, the hurdles she faced, the inner work she did and the wins that propelled her forward. 

Show Takeaways: 

  • Listen in to Sara’s exact experience with the $10K in 10 Days Challenge, from the dollars and cents to the inner work that she did to get through.
  • Discover her takeaways were from the challenge and how that will impact her business going forward. 
  • Learn about recommendations she gives if you are interested in this challenge as well!

Notable Quote: 

 This was a fantastic exercise in stretching my ability of selling by providing value and building relationships and putting myself out there because selling is not easy.