21 | Are You Ready For an Online Business Manager? with Kari Roberts

On today’s episode, Sara talks with Kari Roberts all about strategic support and if an online business manager is a good fit for your business. They also get down to the details of company culture and connection that can have a major impact on your company. Kari is the founder and CEO of Kari and Company, an online business management and virtual assistant agency that creates, implements and manages simple systems for coaches and consultants so that they can expand their impact.

Show Links:

Connect with Kari:


  • https://kariandcompany.com/


What An Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant Can Do For Your Business - A Support Pro Guide

This guide will give you clear standards of what to expect while hiring a support pro to fit your business needs. There is an easy-to-use checklist to help you map out what task could be outsourced to help you save time.

And we've even included a bonus section of interview questions to ask as you are considering bringing on administrative help in your business.


Show Takeaways: 

  • Learn about the function of an online business manager and how they can support your business.
  • Discover if you are ready for an online business manager.
  • Listen to how you can build community and connection within your company. 

Notable Quote:


  • "Some people start businesses merely for the purpose of making them profitable and selling them. Other people have businesses where they're making a difference. Whatever the reason is, that's your vision. And you usually have to stay up high because when you're casting a vision, you're always thinking like the future."