20 | Three Major Shifts that Changed My Life Forever

There are seasons of our lives that can teach us a lot about ourselves and the world around us. On this episode of Profits Affogato, Sara shares three of the major perspective shifts she has made that have changed her life forever from some very personal experiences. Also, learn about her very practical ways of navigating difficult emotions, making space for them and giving them the respect they deserve. 

Show Takeaways: 

  • Learn about the three shifts in her thinking that Sara made to change her life forever.
  • Listen in as she shares about what she believes is the result of following your passions. 
  • Discover how to practically navigate ‘negative’ feelings in a healthy way.

Notable Quote:

  • That was the first thing that had to shift in order for me to change the course of my life is the realization and the embodied belief that every human is inherently valuable. And your value doesn't come from your work or how good of a mom you are, or any sort of external aspect of their lives. ( 2:59)