18 | Four Steps to Take Next Time You're Avoiding Your Finances

Today, I discuss more of the emotional side of money, particularly what to do when you're in a phase of ignoring your finances. This information is relevant to both business and personal finances;  anywhere there's money that you are managing.  We all go through phases we don’t want to look at our finances; learn ways to get back into your budget with ease.

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Show Takeaways: 

  • Discover the reasons you may be avoiding looking into your finances and the four steps to take the next time you find yourself avoiding your finances
  • Learn what budget app Sarah uses in her personal life
  • Listen to understand ways to move from being stuck to being involved with your money


Notable Quotes:

“Remember, what you're looking at is just numbers on a screen. It's that abstract. It's a five or it's a one, or it's a zero or it's this many commas or this many numbers. It's just digits…Any dollar amount you see isn't good or bad until you assign that judgment to it.”