17 | Will Hiring Out My Bookkeeping Lead to Less Control of my Business?

Today’s episode is for the business owner who desires high-level financial information, whether doing your own books or staying informed about the details.  We address the question “Will hiring out my bookkeeping lead to less control of my business?”   

If you like numbers, or are accustomed to doing your own bookkeeping, there comes a time you need to hire help.  You will learn what you need to consider as you make this decision.  

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Show Takeaways: 

  • Learn how to let go of your books and stay informed in the transactions
  • Discover what information and metrics to ask your bookkeeper for 
  • Determine if now is the right time to outsource your bookkeeping or CFO services. 


Notable Quotes:

“Here's what I would ask from a bookkeeper, knowing what I know as an accountant. So of course I would ask for monthly reports, like profit and loss statements, Balance sheet, visual metrics, which we offer for all of our clients, having breakdowns of income and expenses, tracking profit margin over time, things like that. However, I would also request to see the general ledger detail activity each month.”