16 | Take Back Your Time & Run Your Business without Burning Out with Chelsea Wessman

I am so excited to have Chelsea Wessman on the podcast today. Chelsea is a wife and mom of three living next to the Utah mountains. As a productivity coach and online business consultant she works with female entrepreneurs to grow their business while still prioritizing what matters most through her signature coaching containers and small team workshops. Chelsea is passionate about empowering high achievers to take control of their time. Make more money without putting in more hours and create a life that aligns with their values. This episode is jam packed with tips, and advice, you’ll walk away feeling empowered that yes, you can raise babies while simultaneously growing your business. 

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Show Takeaways: 

  • Listen in as Chelsea shares how she got started in business and the thing her mom said to her that changed everything
  • Discover Chelsea’s tips for maximizing your time, effort, and energy when working from home 
  • Hear Chelsea’s advice when it comes to Bookkeeping and what she wishes she would have done sooner

Notable Quotes:

“But if we just had two hours of deep work time, if we just gave ourselves two hours of blocked out focused time, whatever that looks like to get focused work done, your business would compound.” -Chelsea Westman