14 | Who to Hire When with Nneka Roberts

Today, Nneka Roberts, an Operations Consultant for Coaches, joins us to discuss who to hire and when. Handing over responsibilities and tasks we are used to doing in a company we built can be difficult.  Listen in to hear Nneka’s expert perspective on the hiring process, how to plan and build your team and create the business culture that reflects you and your business.

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Show Takeaways: 

  • Learn the first place you want to start hiring for your business; it’s not where you think. 
  • Discover why Nneka doesn’t advise hiring a VA and what to do instead.
  • Listen to the strategies you need to put into place before you consider hiring.


Notable Quotes:


“Most people when they start coaching, their coach tells them, you need a VA, you need a VA, you need a VA. And I, I'm not down with that.”


Nneka Roberts is an Operations Consultant who helps coaches and creatives with process, people, and planning as they grow from 6 to 7-figures so their backend backs their BRILLIANCE!.

She’s on a mission to help as many coaches and creatives magnify their magic to reach millions while making millions - SUSTAINABLY.

Nneka believes that:

🔥 You can transform the lives of millions while making millions WITHOUT sacrificing your integrity, sanity, pleasure, and joy.

🔥 You are a BRILLIANT coach.  She believes your brilliance deserves to be supported by systems, not stifled by them.

🔥 Simplicity is elegant and effective while complexity is expensive and cumbersome. The simpler your systems, the faster you will grow - your income and your impact.

🔥 A spreadsheet has as much legitimacy as SaaS (fancy letters don’t make it more effective). What matters is that you love it and you use it!

🔥 Chick lit read over Busta Rhymes while sipping on hibiscus tea is a whole vibe!