12 | What Online Biz Owners Need to Know About Sales Tax

For today's episode, we're going to talk all about sales tax and specifically what online business owners need to know about sales tax. Sales tax, especially for online businesses is something that can be sort of an afterthought and it's something that you definitely need to at least have a base knowledge about and know whether your items are taxable for sales tax and the thresholds to pay attention to. We’re covering that and more in this episode. 

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Show Takeaways: 

  • Understand what sales tax is and what it is not. 
  • Listen in to learn what products are taxable. 


Notable Quotes:


“However, digital products are also becoming increasingly more taxable. Some examples of digital products would be online courses, webinars, any sort of ebook or PDF, even things like fonts and graphics are digital products. A lot of states are starting to consider digital products taxable for sales tax as well, which is why this is so important for online business owners to be aware of, because so much of what we do is obviously digital.”