09 | Creating an Aligned Agency with Kendall Cherry

Kendall’s vision for her copywriting agency has inspired me for months now, and we talk all about it in today’s episode. 


She has an apprenticeship model which is unlike anything I’ve seen before, and everything in the way it’s set up reflects her values.


We also talk about what her business looked like before hiring a bookkeeper and CFO and how it looks and feels now. 


Kendall Cherry is the founder and creative director of The Candid Collective and she's on a mission to create a world that’s more candid and kind. Kendall and her team create copy and content for ALL kinds of businesses. They’ve written for multi-seven figure software companies, strippers and sex-positive CEOs, media empires with 100k+ email lists, and many other virtual service providers, all while sounding EXACTLY like who they're writing for. 


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About the host:

Sara Verheyen is the owner of  Mareish Books, a bookkeeping and CFO services company dedicated to helping small business owners increase their profits by embracing the numbers side of their business.

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